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Clear Channel, Bergen Kunsthall © Arne Rygg


Clear Channel
is a project for the degree show Greetings from Bergen in Bergen Kunsthall (2003) curated by Niklas Östholm. The materials used are commercial billboards and standard mirrors. (Each 310 x 210 cm.)

More and more of our public spaces are sold as space for advertisment. (Later on, Bergen Kunsthall has actually started using the site that I found for my work to advertise for their exhibitions.) Instead of putting up actual advertisement, I set up two mirror images inserted into billboard frames. By doing this on the exterior wall of an art institution associations with minimalism are also evoked.

The title, Clear Channel, could also be associated with minimalism. In literal sense «clear channel» means a medium of communication which is easy to perceive and interpret; free of anything that marks, darkens or disturbs. Clear Channel is also the brand of a major multinational company in the out-of-home marketing industry.


Produced with support from Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen and Veggreklame AS.


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