Playbour: Work-play
A double symposium on art and immaterial labour

Welcome to Karl Marx Memorial Library, 12 PM - 4 PM, and Geddes Gallery, 6 PM - 10PM, 18th of September 2015




Dan Mihaltianu: Das Kapital - Distillation


Bergen Public Library

The symposium

The aim of the symposium is to open up and broaden a critical approach to notions that both constitute art as an activity as well as mapping its field of production.

An important question would be to ask oneself what kind of labour art and culture represent, both in terms of its historical conditions, its current situations and how we could partly shape the means and the understanding of its potential futures.

For this, we would like contributions from a wide academic and cultural field. Hoping we by this can create a network and a union of people that can bring their views and solutions onboard.

Our symposium would like to represent, a taster of what hopefully could become a continuing series of investigations and discussions into the relationship between art, culture and labour.

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Preliminary programme, 18th of September 2015:

Karl Marx Memorial Library, 12 PM - 4 PM:

Nicolas Vass: Crazy little thing called love – from precarity to solidarity

Nicolas Vass: Reconstructing Hasil

Frans Jacobi: The artist as surplus value. Some reflections on A.McCollums Surrogate Paintings and the value of artistic presence (presentation)

Frans Jacobi: Synsmaskinen: GOLD (meditation). An exercise in transmission of energy and value (performance)

Veronica Diesen: On nothingness, labour, capitalism, and its abstractions


Geddes Gallery, 6 PM - 10 PM:

Dan Mihaltianu: Das Kapital - Distillation

Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield: Immaterial head (performative reading)


Programme for Bergen September 5th

About the participants


The project is supported by Office for Contemporary Art Norway and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London.