About Døgnmuseum

Anna Gudmundsdottir

Døgnmuseum draws parallel to a gallery project in Bergen, Norway in 2000 by the name Døgnfluen (The Mayfly). Døgnfluen took place in a council house prior to eviction as the building formed part of a wider gentrification plan of the area.

Right before the date of eviction approached, Døgnfluen was able to create one-off events or openings that coincided on six consecutive Fridays from the 28th of April to the 2nd of June 2000.

Exhibitions were taking place in kitchens, bathrooms, tiny hallways, the loft, in living rooms and bedrooms. There were performances, installations, videos, photography-exhibitions, theatre, sculptural installations, concerts and sound art. (See http://www.doegnfluen.op.nu).

Døgnmuseum would like to draw on similar forms of mobile artistic tactics and resistance but its projects will be characterized of being more ‘politically aware’ than the events of Døgnfluen.

Even though døgnmuseum will operate as a mobile platform with unique, one-off events that do not exceed a maximum time of 24 hours, repetitions in themes or in subject matters will occur.

Thus the short lifespan does not mean a short concentration span but rather the opposite. By focusing on the short-lived event and by the staging of the variations of such short-lived events, we would like to grasp the ‘best of both worlds'; that is, the intensity of the moment along with the depth in the exploration of critical subject matters occurring as variations or repetition in time.

Another aim is for Døgnmuseum to open its own platform for collaboration, not only with   interdisciplinary networks of individuals, but also to other artist, academic and activist groups.